LGBTQ+ Youth and Young Adults Safe Spaces Program:

Strives to create opportunities for the LGBTQIA+ community to come together in safe environments, both
digitally and physical, to share experiences, challenges, and to grow as a community.


TLI will run weekly moderated sessions online designed to inspire conversations, build friendships, and encourage healthy engagements toward coping with and overcoming issues both interpersonal and in professional settings.


The issues we hope to discuss include mental disorders, feelings of isolation and loneliness, and building self-esteem and finding acceptance in whom one is.


TLI will also organize in person social gatherings when possible with similar goals to the online

The LOBO Initiative Scholarship and Mentor Program:

Will create a scholarship program to provide non-liquified financial assistance to help LGBTQ+
individuals improve their skill sets for career growth.


Examples of assistance include uniform and equipment requirements, tuition, educational seminars, etc.


The LOBO Initiative provides programs to help ensure LGBTQ+ youth and adults, including those living with disabilities, have the support and confidence to be fully engaged members of their community.