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LOBO (Lights Out, Barks Out) is a monthly event held for the kink community with a focus on welcoming everyone. Founded in July 2019 by a group of friends, LOBO began in Washington, D.C. at the historic DC Eagle bar and is currently presented by Jake Maxwell Production, and showcases DJs playing a wide range of genres.  What started as an event focused on the pet play and furry communites quickly grew to encompass a much larger community. The event prides itself on a commitment to equality across the board and creating a space where everyone can express themselves.

What started as a small party amongst friends quickly grew into one of the largest monthly events of its kind in the region and before long LOBO began to take on more of an identity than anyone could of realized at the time.  In 2019 the unexpected arrival of the covid-19 pandemic forced LOBO to have to adjust and remain relevant without having physical events. With the help of many people and a lot of time and effort LOBO was able to turn a unexpected event into a way to raise money for those who needed it most. 

Following the pandemic LOBO would go onto add the cities that is in now starting with Columbus where it is a proud staple of the community. Following Columbus LOBO would set its sights on New York City working along side the historic Rockbar to bring to life LOBO: NYC!  Following LOBO NYC the team Lights Out, Barks Out would go on to create its partnership with the team at Yinzfur creating a dynamic duo of events that would take place at Club Pittsburgh! 

Even as LOBO has grown it has always tried to remain true to its roots of being a community event and trying to give back. One of the biggest policies that has remained in place from day one is the idea that the event will never price anyone out and as such always has tickets available for those who are going through tough times with a no questions asked no cost policy. In addition LOBO has always strived to create a safe space for all including taking steps like giving consent bands and having a zero tolerance policy for consent violations. 

While LOBO may have started as an event focused on the pet play and furry communities it has since grown to encompass so much more than that. When people think of LOBO they often describe it as a family and giving them a space to express themselves and find their community. While LOBO doesn’t always get it right we continue to strive and learn and work to create the best space and event possible.