LOBO (Lights Out, Barks Out) is a monthly event held for the pet play and furry communities with a proudly sex-positive atmosphere. Founded in July 2019 by Jake Maxwell and Pilot, LOBO began in Washington, D.C. at the historic DC Eagle bar and is currently presented by Jake Maxwell Productions in association with Alpha & Omega Productions, and showcases DJs playing a wide range of genres. The event prides itself on a commitment to equality across the board, as well as giving back to the community, having raised over $15,000 for charity during the pandemic.

What started as a small party amongst friends quickly grew into one of the largest monthly events of its kind in the region and in February 2020, the LOBO lineup grew to include an event  in Chicago, IL. LOBO DC is currently hosted by Jake Maxwell (non-binary and pansexual), Strypz (gender non-conforming, BIPOC), DJ Phoenix Rise, and TimeSuppression. 


In 2021 LOBO made its debut in Atlanta marking the third city to join the LOBO ranks. That same year LOBO made it’s debut in Fort Lauderdale making Florida the fourth city and the furthest south the event had gone.  As the calendar turned to 2022 LOBO would add its next monthly event when it traveled to Columbus, Ohio. In Columbus LOBO currently takes place every first Friday at AWOL. In addition to adding Columbus in 2022 LOBO would go on to add another event in Norfolk/Va Beach.



LOBO has become home to a large cast of DJs from around the world with various backgrounds and upbringings. However, while LOBO may be known for its DJs, another huge part of the experience is the LOBO Dance Corps, which proudly features dancers of all genders and body types. The Dance Corps is led by Nano and Tanuki, both involved in LOBO since its founding.

And finally, while LOBO may be a pup and furry-centric event, it has been and always will be about inclusion and encouraging everyone to be themselves and express their kink whatever it may be.