Jake Maxwell, CEO – They/Them, He/Him



Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Jake Maxwell has a long track record of working in nightlife.


Starting in 2018, Jake began pursuing his music career in the night clubs of the Washington D.C area. Jake is most known to be identifed by their multi-colored hair and their love for music. Jake is proudly pansexual and non-binary and uses they/them or he/him pronouns with a preference for they/them.



In 2019, along with some friends, Jake decided to launch “Lights Out, Barks Out!”, or “LOBO!” for short, at the DC Eagle. Slowly, overtime, LOBO! began to grow into a brand that is now recognized across the united states. In early 2020 Jake & Corey founded Jake Maxwell Productions. As of 2023 LOBO! currently runs in Washington D.C, Columbus, Pittsburgh, New York City, Richmond and St. Louis. 


Jake also has a long history of working with charities and has proudly deejayed for The Cherry Fund and many other various charity events in order to help support the community which has given so much to them.  They have also played at venues across the country such as Soundcheck (D.C), AWOL (Columbus), The Crucible (D.C), The Wilton Manors Eagle (Fort Lauderdale), The Heretic (Atlanta) and more!

Phoenix Rise, COO & CFO – He/Him


Born and raised in Jacksonville Florida, Corey Fisher AKA DJ Phoenix Rise has well over a decade of experience in many kinds of event production, including club events, parades, festivals, fundraisers, gala’s and even conventions. Phoenix identifies as male, using the pronouns He/Him/His and is gay.


Through the 90s and early 2000s Phoenix grew up in Jacksonville Florida, a city with firm southern values and not the most hospitable place to be a young gay man. As such it wasn’t until the late 2000s he came out to his closest friends and after a tremendous amount of support he soon told his family and the rest of his friends group. Soon after he would attend his first pride as an out gay man where his life would change forever.  His first out and proud pride truly opened his eyes to how unique, beautiful, and quite fashionable his community truly was. From that point forward he was determined to become a true member of his community and do everything in his power to protect it and as such he got involved in his local pride organization and equality Florida. 


Just after graduating High school he began his journey into nightlife and event production first by becoming a professional fire dancer. His current Fire performer resume is extensive as he has been a member of and organized several different fire troups including JaxFlow, Fahrenheit 360, Inferno Inc, 8bit Circus, and Revolutionary in Motion. He has also taught fire dancing and performed at several festivals including Phoenix Fire, Afterburn, FLAME, FFLARTS, Catharsis on the National Mall, and performing for Burning Man’s main event for two years in a row. 


When Corey arrived in DC mid 2016 he was determined to make an even more fabulous life than the one he had left behind. He soon found his first groups of LGBTQIA friends and demanded that they bring him to all the biggest LGBTQIA events. As such he found his way to DC High Heel Race and soon followed up with Capital Prides Holiday HeatWave party, where he promptly found every member of capital prides board and demanded that they let him get involved. This was just the beginning of his DC nightlife Journey. He began working in the DC nightlife in 2017 to pursue his music, sound and lighting career. Phoenix quickly worked his way into learning to be a lighting/sound tech and managing events. 


In the beginning of 2018 just over a year after he joined Capital pride as MC of the announcement stage and a producer for the parade he was presented with the opportunity to volunteer for The Cherry Fund. Cherry combines his two most favorite things, giving back to his community and throwing a fabulous party. After only his first year of volunteering with cherry he was asked to take on a bigger role and serve as a Co-Chair for The Cherry board in the beginning 2019, to which he eagerly accepted. In January of 2020, Corey was elected to the Board of the Cherry Fund where he has continued to serve his amazing community and support the fight against HIV/AIDS as well as a proponent and benefactor for mental health in the LGBTQIA+ Community.


In 2019, alongside his best friend and little brother in all but blood, Jake Maxwell decided to launch two events “GLO” at the Green Lantern and “Lights Out, Barks Out!”, or “LOBO!” for short, at the DC Eagle. Slowly, overtime, LOBO! began to grow into a brand that is now recognized across the United States. In early 2020 Phoenix and Jake founded Jake Maxwell Productions and along with Alpha & Omega Productions.


Phoenix’s DJ career has taken him to several different cities including Washington DC, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, Columbus, Cleveland, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia. This has allowed him to DJ at several well known venues including the DC Eagle, DC9, Green Lantern, Cellblock, The Heretic Atlanta, Awol, and Rockbar NYC.

TimeSuppression, CTO – He/Him, They/Them


Hailing originally from Connecticut, TimeSuppression has years of experience producing events of all kinds, including club events, concerts, music festivals, and even conventions. He moved to NoVA in 2017 to live with his now Husband. Time identifies as male, using the pronouns He/Him/His and is pansexual.


He started his journey with LOBO! at the very first event as the official photographer and since has started working closely with the team to help produce and manage all of the LOBO! DC events.


TimeSuppression is one of the Con Chairs and the Main Events Director for Furpocalypse, as well as staff for various other furry conventions.

Joshua Slaughter (Strypz), CMO – He/Him, She/Her


Joshua Slaughter AKA DJ 2 Uneek, Strypz, or Pup Zerbert is a 27-year-old black demisexual/Bisexual gender non-conforming DJ, photographer and videographer from Virginia Beach.


He’s worked in the above industries for 14 years. As a DJ he plays high-energy sets that range from Melbourne bounce to FrenchCore. He’s played several club events as well as anime and furry conventions. As a photographer he’s had his work published on the album cover and inside jacket of a recording artist.


As a videographer he brings a fresh perspective and creative camera work and editing to tell an engaging narrative. With his background in stage production he bring his knowledge of live video and audio setup as well as live video and audio mixing. Those skills along with his skills in non-linier video editing caught the eye of Jake Maxwell who brought him onto the LOBO! team. He proved himself to be a great asset. He has helped LOBO! in capacities such as show running, key grip, audio engineer, roadie, video editor and photographer.


Joshua has been a proud member of the furry fandom for over 10 years and a new face in the pup community. He/Him and She/Her pronouns are acceptable. He is married to his loving wife Diamond who is an EDM producer who goes by the name Weird O.